Each race has its own traditions whenever a person or a family moves into a new house. There are various practices in Filipino tradition when moving to a new house such as one must move on a full moon and carry salt, sugar, cotton, and rice with a lighted candle. Another traditional belief when moving into a new house is to scatter coins around the house and to never pick the coins. Other beliefs are rooted in Chinese traditions’ what to bring first when moving into a new house. It is also in line with their belief in Feng Shui. Few reasons for these practices is to yield a harmonious life as well as toward away evils and bad luck. There are a lot of other traditional beliefs in moving to a new house wherein some are applicable when moving into a new facility.

The growing demands in terms of manufacturing led to the decision of moving Koop King MPCs Lipa Manufacturing Satellite Office to a bigger facility. Just like traditions of moving into a new house, we also practiced some of those during the blessing of the new Lipa Satellite Office Facility. We prepared candles for the blessing, coins, and sweet delights to be thrown in each corner of the facility. But unlike moving into a new house tradition, the thrown sweets and coins are picked up by the excited sewing personnel and the invited guests of the event. On top of the lists of guests is Hon. Vilma Santos-Recto, Member of the House of Representatives from Lipa City and Hon. Rico Geron, Representative of AGAP Party List. However, due to some of their pressing concerns, they were not able to grace the said Lipa Satellite Office Blessing. Despite their absence, Koop King MPC was able to push through the event. The honored guest is MGen Rolando Capacia AFP (Ret), the Vice-President of Prime Acers Holdings Corporation graced us with an inspiring message. He was once the Chairperson of Koop King MPC. Some of our generous suppliers donated lechon and flowers for the decoration of the area, they were also present at the event. Having unpredictable weather that day, the Board of Directors, Top Management, and selected Staffs with the assistance from ACDI MPC ICT team prepared well for the blessing of the facility which proceeded smoothly. The guests were provided with giveaways, and some won during the raffle. A generator set was set if in case a power interruption will occur. The Marketing Department set up a mini booth for their saleable items.

Despite the unexpected heavy rainfall, the new Lipa Satellite Office blessing was a success. It was also a learning for all the Personnel in big events. As a result, procurement of our very own PA System was done to avoid requesting assistance from ACDI MPC which may hamper the work of the team to be assigned in assistance to us. An official AVP was also fabricated to be used in other activities such as information drives to PAF and ACDI MPCs CBLs. That day was a joyous moment as well for our skilled workers for they can experience and feel to be a part of Koop King MPC.